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Karate in Braselton Georgia

Iron wolf academy was started as a small family oriented martial arts business. We have grown from 25 members to 140 and are continually adding people to our classes. Our goal is to be the premier martial arts academy in Braselton and North GA. I decided to offer Tang Soo Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the main programs as they are two arts that when blended, or trained together, complete an entire self defense system. We also added weapons training as our world is getting more and more chaotic so individuals can learn the skills to make wise decisions when fighting.

The goal of each program is to offer systematic, goal oriented training to individuals who want to progress in a hobby, as well as serve competitors who want to compete at the highest levels. With all these individuals training together and building a team we believe we can achieve an authentically higher quality of training for each individual, in these respected arts, as well as in teaching general self defense information. Unfortunately there are many academies who water down their training to make their members comfortable in an environment that should be difficult and hard at its core. The difficulty within Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one reason it takes 10+ years to achieve black belt (which you aren’t allowed to have until you’re 18) versus seeing a 9 year old with a Karate or Tae Kwon Do black belt. I was one of those 9 year old black belts who had no idea how to actually defend myself against my peers even with the skill sets we’d trained. When I started training grappling I then understood the value of BJJ, Judo, and wrestling would have for a complete self defense orientation to the real world. We see more success in BJJ paired with a standup striking style like boxing, as a product for people to build their character and confidence in, specifically for protecting themselves.

Over the training time at our academy we expect people to better themselves physically, create authentic confidence, and to gain the knowledge to defend themselves without creating a false sense of security using a Hollywood based martial art.

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